Located in a remote coastal region of Labrador is a salmon and sea-trout river that is one of Labradors best and most consistent. The Big River, located 120 miles from Goose Bay, is a gem of a river to fish. Easy wading, beautiful remote settings and fish fresh from the sea very willing to take your fly!

The river drains an extensive series of lakes which culminates in White Bear Lake. The Big river flows 40 miles from there to the coast. It is near the mouth where the river flows around a series of islands that the Big River lodge is located.

Big River is situated 120 miles Northeast of Goose Bay in a truly remote, wilderness area of Labrador which is accessible only by float plane or helicopter. The lodge is comfortable with many modern conveniences including electricity, full bathroom facilities, radio and fringe phone communication, double occupancy rooms and the staff to support this sport fishing establishment.
709-639-5959 or 709-639-4542.


The run of fish appear in the Big River the first week of July. From that date til mid August, large salmon (11-18 lb.), grilse (4-6 lb.), as well as sea-run Brookies (2.5-5 lb.) enter almost daily.

The Outfitter encourages catch and release fly fishing with single hook un-weighted flies. Anglers are allowed to take home with them 2 days possession limit of salmon which is 4 fish. Each 2 anglers is provided with a guide for the week and most pools and beats are very close to the lodge.


In late July I put together hosted trips to the Big River to experience this very special place. I act as the coordinator and will cook and escort when we travel away from the main camp.


Transportation to the Big River is via float equipped aircraft from Goose Bay, Labrador. The outfitter coordinates logistics and transfer from Goose Bay. For more information on the Big River, fees and deposit requirements, contact me directly.